Lazy, sleepy, useless.

Today’s goals…

  • Finish cleaning kitchen, including inside cupboards
  • Tidy up and prune apartment garden
  • Fold three loads of laundry I let pile up
  • Take Cap’n and Count to the dog park
  • Email my boss about work stuff
  • Call my mother
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour

What I have actually accomplished today…

  • Woke up at 11:15, no way this would work, went back to sleep
  • Work up at 1:30, felt icky, went back to sleep
  • Work up at 2:58, felt like a bum, got out of bed
  • Moved plants around and made bigger mess
  • Looked at Pinterest
  • Thought about how much I’d like coffee but didn’t make it

My mother has reminded me a million times that this is my last summer break and I should take a true “college summer”. Since I work on campus my hours are cut drastically over breaks and everyone, boyfriend included, said ‘Take it easy! You deserve it!’ and I do. Sorry if that sounds cocky or whatever, but this blog has my name in it so I’m going to pump myself up on it. I work three jobs and go to school full-time. During the worst weeks I sleep in my car almost as much as I sleep at home. It’s as gross as it sounds (not the car part, though… I have a great car for napping). I deserve an easy summer! I do! Julia is awesome! Woooo!

Unfortunately, I clearly can’t be trusted with this kind of relaxation power because all I want to do is be laaaaaazy. I have accomplished what I’ve wanted to this summer… but should I have wanted more? Or is it okay to sleep all day if that’s what you really want?

In all honesty this blog post was an excuse to do something other than what is on my aforementioned list. I ought to get back to work and contemplate these bullshit questions later. Procrastinate much?


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