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Sushi, Sales & stripes.

I woke up sort-of on time today (a day off accomplishment) and went across the river to visit a friend’s new apartment and the adorable area around it. Think charming Main Street with a hipster vibe. Today was easy and simple and all-around delightful… Partly because the apartment was 90% clean when I woke up. Hooray, Julia! Way to do the teeny amount you had hoped to yesterday! Check shit off that list!


[Sunglasses, H&M; Shirt, Forever 21; Shorts, H&M; Sandals, Target. Spendin’ that $$$.]

I also loved wearing my new shirt (c’mon, you know new clothes days are grand) I found on clearance at Forever 21. Big spender, I know. It was even included in the BOGO Free sale, meaning it came free with a $16 camel pleather bucket bag. Yeah. Awesome.

Stripes forever!

I’m currently loving the end-of-summer vibe. The weather is slightly cooler and I feel inspired to mix fall and summer colors, formal and casual, and… wait for it… layers and other layers. While I was at — a surprisingly clean — Forever 21 I also found the striped dress below. I’m saving its first wear for something worth while. I think it has some serious multi-season potential.

On an unrelated, but still kind of stylish, note I had my first sushi boat today. Clearly I haven’t been going to the right places. Happy Hour at Wasabiwas pretty damn scrumptious.


Tomorrow I’m off to start the final edits on the promo video I was assigned to make this summer for work. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I ought to get some sleep, but… Pinterest just released an Android app and, let’s face it, I’m not accomplishing anything for a while. Priorities, priorities.


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