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Days like this require candy and beer.

In chronological order, below is my day.

Woke up, started getting ready, etc. → Made Lance homemade “McMuffin” breakfast-in-bed. It was awesome, recipe to come. → Went to work. → Found out class I need to graduate has been, wait for it, CANCELLED. → Remembered I graduate in December. → Sent a bunch of panicked emails. → Went home, ate candy, panicked. → Found out one of my mentors wants to help me with the class thing. Awesome if it happens. Still worried. → Took nap… with the lights on. Weird lights-left-on dreams. → Found out TV we just got back from repair shop has not been fixed. → Remembered I need to pack a weekend bag and clean the apartment so we can go visit out families.

Times like this I turn to three things: great people, tasty drinks and this picture of this dog eating a birthday cake.

We’re off to meet up with friends at a bar in a bit. At least going out means finding a great outfit which there is something to look forward to.

Inspiration? This Polyvore set I made way back when.

Show Tonight

I suppose I ought to go get started. I am in PJ pants and a crop top, presently, and it looks just as cozy-sloppy as it sounds.

“McMuffin” recipe soon. Till then, cheers!


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