These shoes are made for landing a job & that’s just what they’ll do.

I can’t sleep. Okay, let me rephrase that: I haven’t tried sleeping yet tonight and it isn’t too appealing as of now. Maybe I’ll get all my stay-up-late-be-tired-in-the-morn desires out of the way before the start of the semester. Ha ha ha. That was hilarious.

One of the many topics presently screwing with my head is job crap. Like finding a job after graduation crap. And it isn’t really crap, per say, assuming I get the chance to prove what a hard working reporter/writer/etc. I would be; it’s crap because so many professors/fellow students/mentors are making me think these jobs aren’t there. I’d get them if they were, they say. Le sigh.

While I have an amazing suit for the job interviews I will hopefully land (blazer from Express with wonderful coupons, pants from super clearance at Gap), I do not have the proper heels. I’m 5’3″-ish and the pants need to be properly hemmed. I’ll take them to the tailor as soon as I find some great shoes.

What kind should I look for? I’d like closed toe with some kind of strap and a flair factor; after all, I’ll be talking about my most current job experience — a fashion editor. There ought to be a small dose of style, I believe. Below are a few of my online shopping favorites. While I would realistically never buy most of these (hilarious price points) they are dreamy to look at, right?

Marc Jacobs MJ18332 from

Kate Spade New York Lively Pump from

Schutz T-Strap Pointed Toe Platform Pumps from

MBMJ Two-Tone Mary Janes from

Style&Co Carlota Pumps from

Liz Claiborne Caris Pump from

Sweet shoe dreaming, darlings.


2 thoughts on “These shoes are made for landing a job & that’s just what they’ll do.

    • Thank you! And I know, so dreamy. I’m thinking about splurging on the green MBMJ pumps. They’re on sale! If only they were on sale at more of a TJ Maxx sale price. Ha!

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