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Titles are hard. Here is an outfit.

I am supposed to be in Springfield, my hometown, right now. Unfortunately I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather so I decided to stay put on the couch. Today I have cuddled with pets, watched bullshit girl TV (ahem, My Fair Wedding on Netflix is addictive!), worked on possible solutions to this class cancellation problem, and napped. Exciting, no?

While I did not go purchase angry cocktails last night as planned, I did meet up with friends at Cicero’s. Ranting at a bar is equally as effective as ranting drunk at a bar. Well, err, maybe not. But drinking while starting to feel sick sounded less than brilliant.

[Blazer, H&M; Crop Tee, PINK; Scarf, H&M; Jeans, American Eagle.]

Feeling all-around crummy last night meant I wanted to wear the clothing equivalent of comfort food. Leopard and plaid with skinnys and a loose top? Probably the only look that could have gotten me out of the house.

<<Insert twenty minutes of me starring at my laptop here.>>

Blah. I’m going to watch more TV and drink more Vitamin Water (guilty pleasure) and maybe go hunt around the kitchen for a snack.  I meant to post all this sooner — back when I was more alert and probably had more to say — but this lil’ guy stole my laptop.

Yogurt Theodore Cat, electronics thief and all-around cuddler.


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