On-campus food is expensive, which therefore makes it evil.

I’m officially at the next step of a sick day: the wide-awake result from sleeping all afternoon. Also, I have watched an entire season of My Fair Wedding. While they are a vision in white, I am a vision in pathetic. It should also be mentioned that my clearance Target PJ combo (Mossimo jersey v-neck pocket tee, $3 + change, Gilligan & O’Malley knit pants, $8 + change) is lounge-like, at best. I only have and will leave the house today to take out the dogs.

I physically can’t tolerate thinking about this cancelled class anymore tonight. I know there is nothing else I can do about it until business hours begin. KJBFSEKSJFEOFEJNEK. UGH. PANIC. Sorry, I’m done.

To get my mind off that issue I’m focusing on the before school details I can currently control. One of my favorite tricks? Buying mass amounts of pre-packaged food. Since I live off campus but work on campus bringing my own food is critical. I’m there five days a week for terrible awful stupid painful lengths of time. I can’t afford to buy everything there.

Many days using the work-provided fridge is unreasonable, so I try to buy mainly shelf-stable snacks. Annnnd buying this stuff in advance means I can (for a while at least) stop by the store on the way home from work for basics only, like milk and bread. Time to start collecting my coupons; below are some of my favs that I need to start buying.

I’ve always been a commuter college student. The whole dorm life thing never appealed to me much and, to be honest, I wouldn’t give up my domestic bliss for anything. You saw the picture of my adorable pets and super handsome boyfriend, right? That being said, I can see why people like living in dorms — just not me. My main challenges in commuting have been meeting people, dealing with medium-sized breaks, and affording to eat. I’ve gotten better at making friends and have found my time killers and hideaways around campus, but food? I just perfected that one. The items above keep me full, caffeinated, and feeling great.

Being a commuter does come with the commuter meal package. I don’t know about other schools, but at SLU it’s like fake money that cost real money that I can use around campus. If I remember to get all my snacks I can use the money for lattes. And lattes are a great way to spend real fake money.

God damn it I need some sleep. Or one of those real fake money lattes. Or sleep.


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