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The last first day of school. We’re about to get sentimental, ya’ll.

First days of school have always been special. They’re like an educational Christmas or less-focused-on-you birthday. I remember picking out folders in grade school and outfits in high school, finding the right building at SWIC and the right parking lot at SLU. Each year I’ve tried to be more excited, tidy, prepared and organized than the year prior. I’m even lucky enough to have a mother who would help celebrate the occasion back then (thanks, Mom!) with a new piece of clothing and a great breakfast. The first day of school makes me remember why I love learning and classrooms and fresh notebooks and new pens.

And today was the last one.


Does that explain my emotions right?

I can’t figure out if I’m exciting to be done with the (stressful, occasionally pretentious, possibly tedious) world of school or horrified to be entering the (new, panicky, scary) world of, well, just the world. The normal world. The “grown-up” world. Blah.

To fully enjoy the best of both I’m following the advice of my mother and boyfriend — take it all in, relax, enjoy what’s to come.

Well somebody give me a pat on the back because I did what I was supposed to. Today was great, I enjoyed it all and I was panic-free! Yay, Julia! I started with McBreakfast (nom), found a parking spot in the single best parking lot, enjoyed all my classes, met with the staff from my newspaper section, saw some great friends at school… I even went out  for burgers and beers with a friend at Three Kings in U. City. Maybe it’s the alcohol (or cookies/candies I’m currently eating and simultaneously regretting) but I am feeling good.

Here is hoping day two will be just as swell. Maybe, to help guarantee that, I should get some sleep. Maybe.


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