College / Fashion

This semester’s all write. (Get it? Get it?)


[Sweater, Converse One Star at Target; Tank, Urban Outfitters; Shorts, H&M; Bracelets and belt, vintage.]

This week has been a hipster, faceless blur. Kidding. But I have worn that sweater twice in three days to deal with the freezing AC at work despite it being 90+ degrees on the walk from my car. It’s new, and still has that ‘Eee, it’s new, I love it!’ feeling.

To be honest, my only complaints about the semester thus far are that I am hot and tired, neither of which are a surprise in August. Hell, I’m even enjoying my coursework at this point. Here’s hoping that doesn’t end soon.

  • Feature Writing
  • Writing for Public Relations
  • Literary Journalism
  • Philosophy of the Human Condition

My first writing assignment — a nonfiction essay on Life in the City — has been assigned and it due next week. I’m dorking out over the whole thing, complete with my body high combo of writing excitement + caffeine + nicotine. Who needs alcohol — okay, that’s a little extreme — when you have this?

The very first articles for the fashion section were posted today. It was stressful and wonderful and I’m happy with what we posted considering we only had two returning writers and this was the first week back on campus. Check out the stories here, including my piece on loungewear.

I’m off to tidy up a bit before bed. The start of the new semester has left the apartment cluttered. Perhaps it’s time to start thinking of a proper cleaning timeline… Or maybe I should just watch the new season of My Fair Wedding they posted on Netflix.


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