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Sleepy Friday hair.

I was exhausted this morning. Exhausted like the back of your legs hurt for no reason and you finish your dream while in the shower kind of morning. Since today was a short day — and the start to a long weekend, hooraaayyy! — I had decided to try a new hair-do, but because I was exhausted I didn’t really want to follow directions or dry my hair. What I ended up with was a cross between weirdly fancy and perfectly messy; I bet it will look wonderful next time.


I was originally trying to follow the Hot Crossed Bun tutorial from The Beauty Department, but ended up going my own way. I haven’t perfected French braiding at an angle and my hair never looks that nice in a bun unless I’ve curled it first or am using bun donut.

Instead, I braided two one-inch sections on either side of my face loosely, then pulled the remainder of my hair into a ponytail. I rolled my ponytail up in a bun donut, wrapped the braids across the back of my head and around the bun, then tucked the ends under and pinned like crazy.  It pretty much stayed nicely in place all day, only changing a little as it dried to morph into a messier look.

I should make a little note to self… This was not the right way to have my hair up during a storm. Loose up-dos always looks awful once they get rained on, and the wind didn’t help much either. I think the only perk of the rain was that it put me in the mindset for a post-work nap.

We might be revising out long weekend plans because of the rain; we were planning on going to the CWE Greek Festival, which is outdoors. I contemplated going out this evening, but once I realized I could drink at home in pajamas while watching a movie any motivation to move disappeared. I think I need some inspiration to accomplish something this weekend… Maybe I should work on a new project! Ideas, anyone?


5 thoughts on “Sleepy Friday hair.

    • Thank you! And yes, you do– they are so worth it! While the rolled up sock trick works fine this stays in place a little better, at least for me. I found mine for something like $1.99 at H&M (random, I know) but I bet Sally’s has them. Plus they come in hair-like colors, so even if a strand goes out of place they stay blended in. Convenient!

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