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Feelin’ Crafty: Decorated Block Letters

Thanks in part to the two caffinated beverages I downed during my last craft, I am wide awake and ready to create! I picked up two MDF letters at Michael’s yesterday for $0.50 each. I’m always attracted to decorative letters at stores, but they are always either stupid or expensive (or both).


The finished product! Hot glue + little trinkets + letters = cute decor. I think I’ll put them on the shelf above our desk.


Here is the before. What a shame Lance’s L was in one of my favorite colors and my J was in one of Lance’s favorite colors. Ha!


Note to self — You’ve officially used up all the good Scrabble tiles from the craft bin. Drat. Time to look for another used set.


Should you choose to do anything like this, it is painfully simple. So painfully simple I’m not going to write “directions” and undermine your general logic. The only thing to remember? Work from the bottom up to make sure it sits level.

Crafts, ahoy!


2 thoughts on “Feelin’ Crafty: Decorated Block Letters

  1. Ah wait time out you have a blog?! LOVE IT! Do you have Google Friend Connect so we can follow each other? Love this craft you’re too cute. It was so good to see you tonight at Fashion’s Night Out at Neiman Marcus! Pictures coming soon 🙂

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