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Girl’s Night Out meet Fashion’s Night Out. Enter awesomeness.

After yesterday’s classes, mini-work-shift and even shorter nap I headed to Fashion’s Night Out with my dear friend and reporters notebook as my dates. While we may not be New York, I believe St. Louis did the event justice and all-in-all came dressed to the nines.

While neither of us are huge party-goers or Neiman Marcus customers (we like designers and we like discounts, which means we really like TJ Maxx… it’s pretty much why we’re friends) we managed to blend in — I think, at least — with the STL socialite crowd. The party was wonderful, complete with an open bar and amazing spread of hors d’oeuvres and desserts. I even got to try my first macaroon; it was hot pink, strawberry flavored and possibly the cutest dessert ever. Why did it take me this long to try one?

There were fashion shows, both miniature and large-scale, plus optional fittings and make-up application. We kept to ourselves, mostly, and sampled the food and chatting about the confusion that is dance music. Sara kept picking up my drink as I would set it down next to me to take notes, saying “You can’t put beer next to the (insert designer here)!” and helped me order wine, although I guess I ended up with champagne because I was afraid to mispronounce the other bottles, as I suck at ordering anything besides Pabst, Sailor & diet, vodka tonic & lime or vanilla vodka & diet. And those, big shock!, were not any of the options I could see (which was in reality a huge downfall of the party because, let’s be honest here, that is one classy-as-fuck mental drink menu I order from).

Want to know more? I’ll be writing about the event and all the incredible details of it for next week’s fashion section in The University News. Till then, here are a few teaser pictures.


[On me, right: Dress, H&M; Belt, vintage; Wedges, Nine West.]




I even ran into Rita after the show, a friend from school and a writer on the fashion section.

More to come on the event next week in the fashion section. Till then, I think I’ll dream about macaroons some more and flip through another style magazine. Events like this should happen more often.


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