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Ballet baby.

My legs and feet are sore in that way they haven’t been sore in some time and my hair has been neatly placed in a top bun since 9 AM. Need another hint? I wore legwarmers and pink tights, which is as amazing of a combo as it sounds. That’s right, folks, I took a ballet class today.

Sara and I, both former dance-enthusiasts (her being sincerely better than me, I believe, but both of us clocking in 8+ years), decided to enroll in an adult ballet course for fun and fitness. We did not sign up for an adult ballet course, however, we signed up for an intermediate ballet course, which means I spent the 90 minutes watching the best person in the class, aka a twelve year old, while trying to keep up. Ballet is funny like that.

Before our next class — because according to Sara, who told me this before I could open my mouth post-class, “We HAVE to stick it out, Julia” — I need some sort of toe support, a better way to deal with this adult figure in leotard issue and increased flexibility. In all seriousness it was a ton of fun and I’m excited to keep going. Plus, it gives us an excuse to watch the old dance movies and feel extra feminine in pale pink and black. I threw together a little inspiration; isn’t it painfully sweet?

Delicate ballerina inspiration
Update, 12:46 AM: Nevermind. Disregard what I wrote up there. I am soooorrreee and ballet sucks. I’m waddling around the house like a bow-legged buffoon; where’s my femininity now, ballet? Fucking crying somewhere because my thighs hurt, that’s where. Sara, if you read this, know I am suffering.

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