I hate shoe shopping.

Great news, everyone! It’s starting to get (slightly) chilly outside. This means we are incredibly close to tights-and-boots weather, which is my favorite weather! Hooray!

To prepare for the upcoming temperature drop, I brought my boots to the cobbler today to get the heels fixed. I probably wear boots, on average, 6 days per week for 6-9 months per year. Really, truly, I love knee high boots. The cobbler pointed out that the soles in my boots were about to give, which is true, and I ought to pay $70 to fix the boots entirely instead of $30 to fix the heels. Sob. While I might still drive across the river back to my Collinsville cobbler (who has saved many , many pairs of my shoes and boots for seemingly lower prices) to inquire his opinion, I think I’m going to start boot shopping again.

This probably doesn’t sound like a big deal to anyone but me and the handful of people I know in real life who’ll see this and go “Oh shit, Julia has to go boot shopping.” I do not like shopping for shoes at all, never have. I do not like shopping for shoes, bras or jeans and I thought I was set on all three for the year but no, I have to go try on who knows how many boots that will probably pinch before I find a pair that is right. Ugh. I might as well get started now.

The SM Women’s Cindi Boot, $89.95 at DSW (Photo courtesy of DSW): There are real leather (which seems kind of rare for under $100) and I love the pointed toe and the slouchy sides, but I wonder if they look too slouchy, y’know? Also, these are the same brand as the boots I was trying to get fixed… is it better to stick with what I like and buy new ones every year or try something new and hope they last longer?

The Diba Kayden Boot, $69.95 at DSW (Photo courtesy of DSW): These ones have a slightly pointed toe and minor ruching in the synthetic “leather”; I don’t think they look as good as the Steve Madden’s, but they’re also cheaper. The buckle detail on the back is cute and the partial zipper could be helpful for when I’m layering these over tights and knee-high socks.

The Wanted Neigh Riding Boot, $79.95 at DSW (Photo courtesy of DSW): Alright, this option is totally different. I normally don’t care for the riding boot look as much, but how sleek are these? They are synthetic, though, and shorter than the other two options.

Hmmm. Okay, those are all really cute and assuming they’re comfortable my decision seems kind of easy. Here’s hoping shopping in store is just as painless.


4 thoughts on “I hate shoe shopping.

  1. I really like the middle ones, for an edgier look especially. The top ones are super cute and more girly, i feel. The last ones are definitely crisp, and would look good with a trench coat. The problem is they all work for different looks and are all cool!
    But hooray for boots weather, tough shopping choices aside 🙂

    • Now that it is actually trench coat weather, I’m sort of lusting after the third pair. You’re so right– they would look perfect. Le sigh. Maybe they’ll end up on clearance somewhere in February. Ha!

    • I actually did end up with the most expensive, and to be honest I couldn’t be happier with them. While they may not have the super sleek look I find so intriguing in the third pair, they feel solid. And thus far have looked great with everything. Here’s hoping they last more than a year!

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