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Love your apartment, love your apartment garden.

With all the stress and chaos that is the semester thus far (week three stress? I know, it’s craziness) it’s nice to take a second each day to water my plants. While I’m not an expert at keeping them alive they’re going pretty strong right now. I made a few changes and grabbed a few new products over the summer and the plants seem to be responding nicely, excluding the oregano which I think might be too close to death to save. But I haven’t given up!

Love your apartment garden.
  • Ikea SOCKER Greenhouse: It keeps my plants safe from the hungry cat.
  • Watering can: Du’h.
  • Plastic spray bottle: To avoid over-watering I alternate between spritzing the leaves and pouring water on them. This might be total bullshit but they look like they’re doing better now that I’ve started using this technique.
  • Miracle-Gro Indoor Plant Food Spikes: I called the hotline and they said these are safe in herb gardens assuming you wash the plants prior to eating them.
  • Potting tools: Another du’h.
  • Glass bell jar: It keeps the hungry cat safe from the cactus. I glued flattened marbles to the bottom to lift it up an inch.
  • Cute pots: Preferably with a drainage hole, people! If your plant doesn’t drain you will end up with a disgusting garden and gnats. I know this from all the plants I have killed. You can also fill the bottom half of the pot with rocks (thanks for the tip, Mom!) to assist the drainage.


I think it looks pretty good! It’s been a fun trial-and-error project and a great reason to collect more kitschy, bullshit items like my super-rad flamingo. Side note, Yogurt has starring contests with the flamingo often and it is spectacular to witness.

Anyone have any luck keeping plants alive indoors? What about pet-safe plants?


3 thoughts on “Love your apartment, love your apartment garden.

  1. Oh wow that looks like such an amazing little garden! My herbs are chives, basil and coriander, and they’re just sat on a plate on the coffee table at the moment… I’m very tempted to get a little greenhouse 🙂

    • Thank you! And if you want a second opinion, get the greenhouse. If absolutely nothing else it keeps the loose dirt at bay, which drove me nuts before. And it’s (relatively) inexpensive if you’re near an Ikea! We went to one while on vacation… I wish I could go every month.

      Also, I’ve never had luck keeping chives alive. Did you start from seed?

      • No, I completely cheated with my herbs and bought them for 50p already in pots! I’ve always had the best luck with my basil – I can’t seem to kill it! I will be looking out for that greenhouse. My boyfriend won’t recognise the flat once I’m done with it 😀

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