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Adorable autumn manicure

I think I’ve been in an on-again/off-again funk these past ten days. The combination of headache, exhaustion and my new-found general state of bemusement has left me wanting to crawl back into bed each morning to cuddle with Lance and the pets and sleep for another five or twenty-five hours. Blah. I’m blaming allergies.

Despite my peppering of lackluster feelings, I have about a million exciting things going on. My apartment is almost completely decorated for Halloween — early, I know, but if I put all the work up for decorating I want 5-6 weeks of enjoyment — and our costumes are coming together nicely. The trees are starting to change and it is officially sweater weather. Annnnnd, my mother visited this weekend and we did our usual anti-stress routine of shopping → dinner → shopping → movie → brunch → mani/pedis.

Enter my rad-tastic autumn manicure, featuring “Rising Star” by OPI, which has been brightening my drabbest moments since Sunday morning. I’m tempted to order a bottle because I am in LOVE with how it looks on. It is the perfect color for the start of fall and would look great near Halloween or Thanksgiving.

Any nail polish recommendations?

PS: I’m almost excited for it to start chipping — next week, of course! — because it will look even more festive under a black OPI Shatter. Spooooooky.


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