Teeny purses, teeny budget

Lance and I have a handful of semi-formal events throughout the next few months (a wedding, my graduation, [kind of] our Halloween costumes… you get it) and, being a discount fiend, I am trying to prepare in advance to avoid the dreaded full-price items. I’ve already gotten two of the dresses, one party for $3.99 on double-clearance at TJ Maxx and another for my costume on eBay for $9 + shipping. Pretty good deals, if you ask me. Now if only I could find a graduation dress for $15…

But alas, this is not a post about dresses. This isn’t even a post about shoes, which I don’t know off the top of my head if I have– formal shoes, that is, I did wear shoes to work today so I know I have some– this is a post about handbags. Well, handbag, rather, as I would like to have one clutch that fits all of these occasions, and more down the road.

Like boots and work pumps, I have some serious rules about what I want in a clutch. Maybe I should stop making lists about items before I find them. Whatever.

  • Large enough for my giant cellphone, a small wallet, five full-sized cosmetics and a pack of cigarettes.
  •  Black, or another usable, neutral, all-seasons color.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Relatively inexpensive.


Black Clutch Round-Up
Alright, so not all of these are actually budget-friendly or practical for each occasion… But let’s pretend I make six figures and can spend $200+ on a purse skull purse the size of my Netbook. I love the idea of mixing a classy dress with a something edgier, like one of these; it’s still Julia, but appropriate for the nylon-wearing masses.

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