Good luck

I have never found a four-leaf clover. Ever. As I child– and okay, who am I kidding, adult– I’d sit in the front yard of the family home and dig through this one patch of clover near the sidewalk and look. But, alas, no luck.

Then today Lance so kindly offered to take me to work because I was running late, needed breakfast and was concerned about finding a parking spot (also because he’s very nice). While taking the dogs to the dog area, as I waited at the car, Lance found this beauty.

“A little luck for you today,” he said when he gave it to me.

I was, and am, irrationally excited. I spent the whole car ride to Midtown holding it by its stem like it was some lovely flower. I felt like Zuzu in It’s a Wonderful Life, primarily concerned with her foliage.

And now I am planning what to do with it. It’s currently pressed into a book to dry, but what after that? My head is full of teeny craft ideas.


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