Seeking a new jacket for fall

It was in the mid-80s on Thursday. When I woke up for work on Friday, it was under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That new jacket I started searching for over summer can’t wait any longer.

Criteria? I want it to be as formal as my classic jean jacket and as warm as a sweatshirt with a low price tag and no wool in the blend (too itchy).

Autumn Jackets
Anyone know any amazing sources for jackets and outerwear?

4 thoughts on “Seeking a new jacket for fall

    • I feel the same way! I have a leopard faux fur coat (knee-length) that I found at an alternative second-hand stores (Plato’s Closet for punk kids, if you will) years ago, but it’s too small to keep buttoned. It was so cheap, and has worked so well with a few costumes, it was a worthwhile find… But I’d still love one I can wear regularly, like that one.

      And I know, that leather is so lust-worthy. If only, if only…

  1. Are you serious about Essie being at TJMaxx and Marshalls?! Definitely need to be on the lookout for that! And I love leather jackets. Like alot. And is a great place to look their prices range from reasonable to super expensive.

    • Essie is $3.99 at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, from what I’ve seen. Brilliant, right?

      And I always forget to check ASOS. Why do I even post on here when I can text you? Ha!

      I wonder if you can get a leather jacket altered. I have this great, soft leather motorcycle jacket I found at a yardsale in highschool for $20. At the time, I was still wearing my friend’s old (giant) leather with studs and patches and paint all over, so I didn’t mind that this one was a little big. Now I’d totally wear it if it were like 2 sizes smaller. Maybe I should call a tailor just to ask… Hmmm…

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