Wearing what you already own

I am notorious for owning lots of things. Between the things I collect, the things I use, the things I wear and the things I just plain enjoy, I have filled up more than my fair share of our apartment, closet included. I enjoy my processes of shopping (digging through clearance bins, going to garage sales, etc.) and finding these unique pieces and don’t plan on stopping; my late 50’s to early 60’s furniture collection has taken years to perfect and it’s a thrill each time I find a retro dress to add to the mix. Living like this means I need to make sure everything we– and by we I mean I– own is still adored.

With that thought, I have decided to start wearing the articles of clothing I own but never wear. Like, ever. If I hate wearing them all day then it’s time to sell them. If I love it, it’s like I’ve shopped all over again.

I started today with this pink ruffled H&M skirt. I’ve tried to wear it dozens of times, but always took it off before leaving home. With a formal-like top, it was too girlie/nice/pretty/something for my tastes. With a loose pullover and boots, it was a comfortable, interesting outfit perfect for a day at work + meetings.

Here’s hoping I find more pieces I forgot I owned and now love.


3 thoughts on “Wearing what you already own

    • Thanks so much! I think I’m going to start mixing more formal pieces with casual items. I don’t know about you, but my formal items don’t get nearly enough wear for how much they cost. Ha!

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