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Distracting myself with virtual shopping, a.k.a the hunt for a graduation dress

As I said in an earlier post, I’m a little frazzled this week. With the fashion section in print, my Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and graduation a mere five weeks away (sob) I’m a bit off my game.

At this point, I am personally amazed I made it to work at 9 a.m. today in a dress and on-time. Granted, I wore a dress because all my skinnies (I say all like I have a ton… let me rephrase that as both pairs) were dirty, along with my pullovers. Whatever the reason, I am not in pajamas, I made it to work and that is a success.

I’m trying to focus on the happy details of leaving college– gulp. Are there any?— because I have convinced myself they exist. One upcoming joy? Graduating means I get to buy a new dress.

Now obviously I don’t need a new dress. Hell, who am I kidding, I don’t even a little bit possibly need a new dress. At all. But I would really like one, and I am quite proud of myself, so I am going to buy one and that’s that.

Note: Hilariously enough, all I can hear now in my head is Rancid’s “New Dress”, which is not a song that makes one actually want to buy a new dress. Dontcha wish you could tune your mind like the radio? Switch to a new song, stat!

Graduation Dresses

All of those beauties are from ModCloth, a.k.a. the store I gawk at online but have never bought anything from. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Off to the fashion section meeting. Ta-ta!


4 thoughts on “Distracting myself with virtual shopping, a.k.a the hunt for a graduation dress

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re buying a new dress because graduating is a huge deal and these are times to splurge! Or at least treat yourself to something that makes you happy. I personally like the second one and the gold one is an absolute beauty. Have fun choosing and congrats!

    • Thank you! I’m very excited (and horrified and nervous and nostalgic… I am a multitude of dramatic adjectives. Ha!)

      I think those are my favorites, too! Granted, I also really love the peach one, but my university’s color is blue and the peach would be much more fitting in the spring. I may or may not have used my study break today to look at and there may or may not be another post coming about more favorites… Sweet, sweet procrastination.

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