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Shameless self-promotion… All the cool kids are doing it.

I finally feel like I can catch my breath.

The newspaper was successfully published, our Thanksgiving party was a hit and I am momentarily caught up on my homework. The photos– which, like any other journalism-junkie would relate to and understand, we almost didn’t have– printed clearly. The turkey did not dry out and the stuffing didn’t burn. To my knowledge thus far, I did not forget any homework. With only a few weeks left in my college career, I know this feeling won’t last long; time to savor and relieve every joyous moment of highly-anticipated tranquility.


I’m starting to realize how much I’ll miss the section. I was the first editor of it, so I feel very responsible for it’s failures, successes and legacy. I want to make sure it continues growing after I graduate… And, if we are being totally honest, I want to make sure my writing continues growing after I graduate, too.


I am thrilled with what we published during our last segment. With topics ranging from downtown boutiques to Target collaborations, T.V. inspiration to autumn beauty, I felt we were well-rounded. I wrote about fashion ruts— something I’m currently combating– and how to regain style control.

I’m thinking it’s time to start panicking again and focus on the job search. Is there a way to do that calmly?

[Screaming] I’m Juuuullliiiaa and I’ll work my ass off if you hire me to write for youuuu!


3 thoughts on “Shameless self-promotion… All the cool kids are doing it.

  1. Not a clue how to job hunt successfully and calmly 🙂 I think it’s impossible – everyone’s running around trying to get the jobs so your CV should have bells on to get all the attention! Congratulations on getting everything done well though!

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