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Where is the coffee and why can’t I find socks?

If I remember correctly, I woke up today yelling at Lance and crying about something. Whoops. Mornings aren’t my best or worst times… They’re just there– existent, semi-painful, fresh and inspiring, awful and exhausting. I normally pick up quick, though, once I’m finally out of bed. But not today. No, no, today was the last day of classes and work before Thanksgiving break, and with a mere handful of hours standing between myself and a long weekend, my body just wasn’t having the whole be alert, be charming schtick.


On days like this I try to make myself wear something different than my normal pullover-and-skinnies combo. I think when I’m tired I am more daring about outfits– not that this was exactly daring, but it hadn’t been worn in a while— because I am only focused on finding caffeine. Somedays I’m like some sad, lost little puppy searching for my owner except I’m a whiny, adult female sobbing about coffee and mediocre morning drama. Lance, you are a patient, patient man and I promise to keep feeding you for as long as you are patient. Tee hee.

Things picked up once I ate something/had coffee/remembered the joyous parts of the day to be excited for in that same way every day picks up, and that same way I always forget that every day picks up. And even wide-awake, I am still happy with my outfit choice. Motorcycle jacket + crop top + long scarf + high-waisted jersey pencil skirt + leggings + boots + nostalgic jewelry = a happy Julia.

Break begins in four minutes. Start the countdown, babycakes, this is my last school vacation.


8 thoughts on “Where is the coffee and why can’t I find socks?

  1. sorry, i didn’t write everything before it posted itself ?!

    Everybody has the bad days when you yell at everybody else just-because. Well, I am a kind of person who wakes up slowly, so … 😉 You’ll find the caffeine inside you ! (lol)

  2. I remember meaning to comment on this. I’m totally the same – really need my coffee to start off my day! And your outfit looks awesome 🙂 Anywho, I just got awarded the Sunshine award, you can check it out here – should you so desire 😀 Plus I’m nominating you for the award because the rules tell me I must award it to others and I like your blog.

  3. love your outfit! Where’s the motorcycle jacket from? Mornings are the worst. I usually silently scowl and mumble random things…unless someone wakes me up and then I become quite the angry lady haha. I meant to comment on your thanksgiving post; it looks like you had a great time! The decorations are hella cute and the menu sounded delicious.

    xo Rita

    • Thanks, girlie. The jacket is Converse from Target. We need more coffee options by Xavier, I think.

      & Thanksgiving turned out greats this year. Days and days worth of leftovers, which is great because it’s my favorite meal of the year.

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