Dressing in Technicolor

Maybe it’s the slowly warming weather, or perhaps it’s a side effect of my new-found obsession with mixing prints, but I’m feeling inspired to wear colors.

Granted, yes, these are colors toned down with major neutrals, but for a gal who has to physically force herself to not buy every item in gray (but let’s be honest, charcoal is such a flattering color) this is a step in the right rainbow direction.

If I’m going to finally start wearing the colorful pieces I own– which, by the way, I own plenty and therefore need to start wearing and stop wasting– I refuse to stick to the tried-and-true combos. They may look grand, but there’s more interest in the unexpected.

Color Combination: Orange + Eggplant


Color Combinations: Teal + Red


Color Combination: Deep Red + Pink
I know how I’ll be dressing this week.

4 thoughts on “Dressing in Technicolor

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