Who is she?

22 | St. Louis | Writer at a weekly paper | Girlfriend | Proud pet parent | Fashion addict | DIY-er | Cheap amateur “chef” | Arts ‘n Crafts-er | Perpetual Hostess | Discount hunter  | Jeep enthusiast | Product Reviewer | Interior design junkie | Martha Stewart Wanna-Be | Loft Liver 


Want the details? They aren’t that exciting, but sure.

My name is Julia Ann, and I am a feature writer for a local weekly paper. (Okay, that’s exciting.)

I just graduated from Saint Louis University with a B.A. in Communication– Journalism and a certificate in Creative and Professional Writing. There I was the fashion editor of our student newspaper, The University News, and I worked on campus making media-related things for one office and checking out equipment/teaching production to other students in another.


I live in St. Louis with my boyfriend, Lance (who writes over here at Lance A Lot Rants A Lot), and our breakfast-food-named pets: Yogurt, blue tabby cat, Cap’n Crunch and Count Chocula, American bulldogs. (Also exciting.)


We’re in the fourth year of being together — the boyfriend and I, that is — after spending the first one-and-a-half being long distance thanks to my college location and his base location. It was one of those cute military stereotypes with love letters and care packages and, oh yeah, text messages galore and Skype. New romance is nice.

If we’re being honest, I spend the majority of my money on coffee and my Target credit card bill. I like skirts and large handbags and red lipstick and black boots. I’m a sucker for alliteration and rhyming. I drive a Jeep Liberty named Jimmy Jr. (figurative son of my first car, James Sr. the 1990 Jeep Cherokee Lance is currently fixing) and it’s awesome. I was named after a Beatles song. I have a lot of collections, and will probably end up on some clean-your-house television program. I’m addicted to my Android. I like baking and crafting and hostessing. I wear a lot of jewelry, most of which is junk I found and deemed pretty. I make a mean mixtape. I have too big of dreams and too little grasp on reality. I swear a lot. I’ve been told I “would be so pretty if it wasn’t for that hoop” in my nose.


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